Welcome to parameter’s documentation!

Parameter is using to get and check HTTP parameters like use ORM.


  • Less code to check arguments.
  • Pass http arguments to other function with a single object.
  • IDE friendly, IDE can easily detect the complation.
  • Easy to linter, the linter can easily detect attribute error.

Example with tornado

Normal pattern

from tornado import web

class DemoHandler(web.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        action = self.get_argument("action", None)
        arg1 = self.get_argument("arg1", None)
        arg2 = self.get_argument("arg2", None)

        # ...

        if action:

        if arg1:

        # ...

        do(action, arg1, arg2, ...)

Parameter pattern

from tornado import web

from parameter import Model, Argument
from parameter import types
from parameter.adapter import TornadoAdapter

class DemoEntity(Model):
    action = Argument(types.String, required=False,
                      miss_message="Please choose action",
                      invalid_message="Invalid action")
    arg1 = Argument(types.Integer)
    arg2 = Argument(types.Double)
    # ...

class DemoHandler(web.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        demo = DemoEntity(TornadoAdapter(self))


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